Why Choose Rotorua Electrical?

We provide punctuality, reliability and a fair price ... which's simply the start of it.

No cutting corners
As Master Electrical experts, we pride ourselves on quality service and craftsmanship. Our electrical contractors in Rotorua are completely registered and adhere to Work environment Health and wellness requirements. We care deeply about the quality of our work and our service. We're that major about it that we guarantee our work: If we don't deliver on our promise, you can pay us precisely what you believe is an affordable quantity for your job. Simple.

You're never simply a number
Our organisation is everything about relationships, and we're in it for the long haul. This means you'll never feel like a 'sale', as we're everything about building long term relationships with real people and families like yours. Our electricians are experts in their field and will work with you to guarantee you're getting the very best solution for you!

We value you, and we appreciate your time
If for some factor we are late we will call you (because things can in some cases go haywire, as we all know). If you feel we did not follow through on our promise to you, then you can use our "brief pay guarantee" and pay us what you think it was worth - no questions asked.

20+ years of providing superior and reliable electrical services to Rotorua residents and businesses is no mean feat, but Rotorua Electric never had any trouble with it. Who would not enjoy the opportunity to work in this prosperous town renowned for its Maori culture and geothermal activities?

With the cultural heritage unique to New Zealand, both domestic and international tourists find it quite amusing to see a city sitting literally on a volcanic crater.

But what if you are local? If you are a resident or business of Rotorua, then you are bound to love it too; not just for the services but also for the people. And that's where Rotorua Electric comes in to help people with their commercial and residential projects with an array of electrical services.

If you need a certified electrician, contact our friendly customer representative to learn more about our range of customised services designed to meet your exact needs.




We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!